Born in Trujillo Colon, Honduras, Central America, Wilfredo began his career as an artist and educator. It was due to his challenging of perceptions as a teacher during a time of conflict in his country that it became necessary for Wilfredo to seek political asylum in the United States. Wilfredo arrived in the early nineties where he continued his journey as an artist by attending Montgomery College, then Maryland Institute College of Art and graduating with a BFA in sculpture. He pursued and received an MFA in sculpture at the University of Maryland. It was evident that his chosen path would lead him to make contributions in the academic and artistic arenas.  He has been part of numerous artistic and educational events, such as group shows, solo exhibits, workshops and environmental installations. In 1997, Wilfredo had his first international sculpture show in Milan, Italy where he had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse community of artists and curators. Wilfredo’s work is designed to cross boundaries and to move beyond the traditional paradigm of cross-cultural art. In August of 2009, Wilfredo installed a piece entitled “Petalos Reflejantes,” a permanent installation commissioned by Montgomery County and Auras Design. The sculpture was installed in downtown Silver Spring Maryland. A recent installation and one of his most notable commissions,  "Journey : Anacostia,"  — located in the historic neighborhood of Anacostia in Washington, DC — explores the interconnectedness of cultures.  
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